My Divine Mission: As the man God has called to serve His Kingdom,

I continue to commit myself to ministering to the wholeness, i.e., the physical and spiritual needs, of God's People. I am committed to empowering and perfecting the Body of Christ through God's Word to establish a right relationship with Him through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Archbishop Alexander's God-given mission is to empower God's people through the Word of God. In and through the process, Archbishop Alexander seeks to provide strategies for churches, ministries and fellowships to become in some cases better in their spiritual acumen, and in other cases proficient in strategizing for the future. Also, he has provided support for and participated in several outreaches and entrepreneurial endeavors to the community of San Antonio such as faith-based substance abuse groups, intervention programs, and jail and prison ministry through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, as well as consulting services that offer Christian leadership development and strategic planning concepts and techniques. 

My Vision:  Under the spiritual guidance of God, my vision is to minister

to those who are seeking to develop and to grow in the knowledge and understanding of God's will, thereby promoting wholeness of being through relationship with Jesus Christ.  I seek to accomplish this vision via biblical instruction and practical demonstration by acknowledging the power of God by living a disciplined, balanced, and abundant life that reflects the integrity

of God's Word. Additionally, my goal is to provide concepts to ecclesiastical organizations designed to assist them in areas of credibility and integrity by training key leadership in strategic leadership matters.